Intersection Turning Movement Counts

Intersection TMC’s are designed to capture vehicle movements (total traffic and heavy vehicles), as well as pedestrian and bicycle activity through an intersection for a designated amount of time.

From a single intersection to multiple corridors, no job is too big or small for IDAX. With our ability to collect numerous intersection locations simultaneously, entire corridors can be counted at the same time. This approach to data collection allows you to view conditions throughout the corridor without the challenge of trying to balance intersections due to daily variation.

With our large-scale availability, quick turn-around time, and single-page, easy-to-read formats, we are built to handle all of your TMC needs. We generally use video to collect TMC’s and with our policy of 30 day archiving, you can have confidence in the accuracy of your data.

Understanding that use of video is not always appropriate, we also offer manual counts upon request. All reports are available in both PDF and excel.

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