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Parking Studies

IDAX has significant work experience on a variety of small and large complex on-street and off-street parking data collection studies, including occupancy and duration studies. We offer parking occupancy and duration studies via ground collection using a mobile application and through vehicle mounted license plate readers.

Through our experiences collecting ground surveys, we have assisted in the development of a custom mobile application called Kapturrit to improve the quality and efficiencies around coordination, collection, and reduction of data. In addition, use of the application provides a reliable and consistent approach for both project managers and data collectors throughout a parking study. IDAX has extensive experience using the application for a variety of studies including simple occupancy collection and detailed vehicle-level data collection. Finally, our mobile application allows for quality assurance / control during all stages of a parking study, including real-time monitoring and time-stamped data entry.

IDAX also has extensive experience collecting both on-street and off-street parking supply using a variety of approaches, including measurements with offsets and practical capacity.

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