our process

In an increasingly connected world, IDAX applies the most advanced techniques for data acquisition developing effective solutions for clients with existing and future mobility challenges such as traffic management, multimodal transportation operations, and intelligent transportation system management. Our goal is to apply efficient and creative solutions to cost-consciously collect data that can be utilized to help solve transportation challenges. IDAX uses the latest data acquisition technologies, and partners with technology leaders to acquire data and deliver it accurately, economically, and in customizable formats. In addition, we understand that timely delivery of data is important and a key differentiator. IDAX focuses on a four-step process to ensure the collection of accurate and verifiable data.

1 | Project Goals

Having clear goals at the outset of any project will ensure we gather the right data, using the right means and technologies.

IDAX can help you develop these goals by asking the right questions, utilizing knowledge from our vast experience on a wide variety of projects.

2 | Methodology

Once project goals are clearly established, IDAX will help you determine the best method of collecting your data.

We have a wide variety of data collections methods, and will make a recommendation on the best method to achieve your goal.

3 | Data Collection

IDAX will deploy the necessary equipment and personnel so that your project goals are met on budget and on time. If you ever have any questions during the collection process, you can reach our staff any time, day or night.

You can be assured that you will be kept up to date as necessary on the progress of your study.

4 | Data Delivery

IDAX will work to deliver your data in a timely and accurate format that fits your needs.

Every study is available in a PDF or excel formatted report. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.